As dental assistant, Yesica assists both Dr. Ray and Dr. Crete, making sure she is two steps ahead of them during procedures. She also gets to know her patients and makes them feel comfortable and relaxed when they are in the chair. She loves that she learns something new on the job everyday, whether it be from patients or coworkers. She enjoys how well her coworkers work together as a team to give patients the best care possible. She also enjoys that she gets to help others and build trust while easing anxiety, all while watching smiles transform. Yesica became a dental assistant in 2017 after earning her CNA certificate. She takes continuing education courses whenever they are available and is working to become a dental hygienist. 

When not working, Yesica enjoys spending time with her family – her mother, father and younger brother are the most important people in her life. She also enjoys taking exercise classes such as cycling and zumba. She loves travel and the top thing on her bucket list is to travel all around the world to exotic destinations.

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What Our Clients Say

Dr. Ray is the best dentist my husband and I have ever had. She is very good at what she does. The hygienists I’ve seen there have done a great job with cleaning my teeth. Scheduling is easy.

Allison M

Dr. Ray is the absolute best dentist I’ve ever had! She is very kind and personable, as well as very flexible to what you are comfortable with. I can’t recommend Dr. Ray and her team enough!

Hayley H

I've been going to Dr. Ray for years and she's great. I've found her to be a straightforward dentist who only orders work that needs to be done and when I had a dental emergency, she was able to see me the next day.

Ayelet G